Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So for the first time ever, I've decided to do a Project 365 where I take one photo every day for a year.  But instead of just any photo, all the photos that I take for this project will be taken with a Lensbaby lens.  Specifically a Lensbaby Composer.

Additionally, during the course of this project I plan to use all the Lensbaby accessories I currently own (and if I happen to accumulate any new Lensbaby accessories during the course of the year, I plan to use those as well!)

Lensbaby Optics And Accessories I Own:
  • Double Glass Optic
  • Plastic Optic
  • Zone Plate/Pinhole Optic
  • Fisheye Optic
  • Creative Aperture Kit
  • Macro Kit
I will officially begin this project on January 1, 2011.  So check back then for the first update!